Brent James


Get Results! Get Brent James!

Brent James is committed to upholding Integrity, Values, Drive, Grit and Respect that will and does create strong communicative relations with all clients and/or business associates to which he serves. Consistently seeking solutions producing results agreeable to all parities.


Realtor since August of 2005: Have closed over 200 transaction sides. In 2007 I became REO and Short Sale Certified and have successfully negotiated with banks to close these types of Real Estate Transactions since the market began declining in August of 2007.

Coming into 2017 there is focus on Real Estate Development and Investment. If you have any questions, please do contact me.
Having studied and utilizing greats such as: Dale Carengie, Paul J Meyer SMI Graduate, John Downes Non-Confrontation Selling, to build a Strong Foundation for my Success.
Past jobs Include but not limited to: Construction, Auto Sales, Telemarketing, and Retail Industry. Having a diverse background gives me the ability to communicate effectively at many levels. And having a strong Construction background allows me to identify many potential upsides and potential problems regarding many assets.